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Dubai is one of the cities that are in the country of the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East on the Asian continent. Dubai is also one of the seven emirates that make up the country, United Arab Emirates. An emirate is a piece of the territory ruled by an emir, a kind of king, therefore, today, United Arab Emirates, is a kind of hybrid monarchy with a democratic system. An emirate is also a political and religious territorial region and several emirates can compose a caliphate, as the kingdoms of the different Arab peoples who ruled from North Africa to the Middle East, almost reaching India, were called before. The United Arab Emirates It is made up of 7 emirates called: Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sarja, Um-Qaywayn, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The best known and tourist emirates are Dubai and Abu Dhabi. A visa is needed to enter Dubai.

One of the most important destinations in the Arabian Peninsula during Dubai Trip is Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Associated with extreme luxury, desert charm and Arab culture, Dubai and Abu Dhabi attract a greater number of tourists every year. Many of them seek to spend a few days knowing this beautiful country but many others take advantage of their trip to Southeast Asia to make a stopover of a few days and get to know Dubai or Abu Dhabi and the surroundings of the country.

Yes, you are one of those who have thought about the United Arab Emirates, we leave you below all the necessary information about the visa for Dubai and Abu Dhabi for Spaniards, Argentines, Chileans, and Mexicans.

Visa requirements for Dubai and Abu Dhabi – visa to travel to United Arab Emirates:
The visa requirements for the UAE vary according to the nationality of each tourist. If your nationality is Spanish, Colombian, Argentine or Chilean you will not need to process a visa beforehand, upon your arrival you are granted a 90-day multi-entry visa.

If you have a passport from another Latin American country, you must first process your visa, either single entry or multi-entry and for 14 days, 30 days or 90 days. These visas can be processed through the Embassy or Consulate of the UAE in any country in the world or do it online. In this case, you will
have 2 options:

If you fly to Dubai for Dubai Tour with the Fly Emirates or Abu Dhabi with Etihad you can process your visa directly through its web pages.

Process it through an official and approved agency.

In the case of traveling for less than 48 hours to the country, there is also the option of being able to receive the Transit Visa. This visa exemption allows you to visit Dubai or Abu Dhabi for less than 48 hours whenever you are stopping in the country when you are flying with the national companies the Fly Emirates or Etihad. This visa exemption is free.

If you reside in a country where yellow fever is endemic or you have been in the last 10 days, you must present your yellow fever vaccination card at your entrance.

Your fly to Southeast Asia and you have a long scale you can go to the city center in a comfortable and fast way. From Terminal 1 and Terminal 3, you could go by subway to the city center. The journey only lasts 30 min and the frequency is 5 min in both destinations.

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