How to Plan the Perfect Singapore Trip in Budget

How to Plan the Perfect Singapore Trip in Budget

If your idea is Singapore Tour one of the first things that you have to be clear about when planning the trip is when you will need money to visit the country. Singapore, unlike its neighboring countries, is an expensive country or rather nothing cheap. This does not mean that it is prohibitive to know him but it does mean that you will have to spend a little more than in the rest of neighboring countries. So that it is facial for you to be able to make an approximate calculation of your budget to travel to Singapore below are the following information where explain what are the cheapest options for eating, sleeping, visiting the main attractions and moving around the city.

Budget to travel to Singapore – how much does it cost to travel to Singapore?

To help you know the approximate expenses of your Singapore tour Packages these are divided into the following categories.

Food in Singapore
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In Singapore, you can find thanks to its mixture of races and cultures with a great variety of food and flavours. The cheapest option to eat is the food courts or Hawkers, areas with numerous street restaurants where you can eat all the typical and characteristic of the varied street cuisine of Singapore, essentially typical Chinese and Malaysian dishes. Here the prices vary according to the dish you want to eat but it calculates that it will vary between 2 sgd to 8 sgd. drinks apart. These Hawkers are part of the culture of Singapore and you can find them from all sides (it is estimated that there are more than 6000 food stalls in the city) and we can even taste street food in renowned Michelin Star restaurants, such as Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle and Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles. Another very cheap option is to eat during your visit to Little India or Chinatown in one of the many topical restaurants that you can find. The best thing is that in Little India you can find vegetarian and vegan options at very good prices.

Transportation in Singapore – how to get around the city

Singapore is a city designed for tourism. It offers visitors an ideal transportation option to get to know the main attractions of the city, the famous Tourist Pass or combined ticket to travel by bus, MRT and LRT. This Tourist Pass has rates for 1, 2 or 3 days which are ideal for a typical visit of a maximum one week that travellers who visit the country do. Another option increasingly used by tourists is to use Grab carpool services, especially to return to the airport or visit Sentosa Island.

Accommodation in Singapore – accommodation prices
You can stay in all types of accommodation to suit all budgets. You always have to understand, if your visit to Singapore is during a Singapore Trip to other countries in Southeast Asia that the prices of accommodation in both hotels and hostels, will be more expensive than in other countries. Singapore is considered one of the most expensive places in the entire region to stay in.

Main entrance tickets attractions of Singapore
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Although many of the main attractions of Singapore are free, it is true that there is some of the payment. The most important would be:

Flower Dome & Cloud Forest Dome in Garden by the Bay – ticket price 25 sgd. Marina Sands Bay (Sky Bar) – ticket price 20 sgd
The Pinnacle (Sky Bar in Duxton Skybridge) – ticket price 5 sgd

Shopping in Singapore
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If you are one of those who like electronics and the latest technology, Singapore is a place that you will love because you can find in its many shopping centers the newest items at cheaper prices than in your place of residence. Remember that in any purchase you make for a value greater than 100 sgd you will have the right to leave the country to recover taxes or Tax Refund.

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