Travelling to Thailand from India for the First Time

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Visit Thailand during winter

Yes, you can make you Thailand Tour plan in winter. The dry season runs from November to February, the prices are lower and it’s not that full (that does not mean you’re not going to find tourists). Also, it is not so hot, something that will allow you to enjoy the country more.

Buy a SIM card

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Like travel insurance, we always buy a data card as soon as we land in the country, and not just to share the trip on social networks. Since 100% of the accommodations are not closed, we usually book the route, which gives us more flexibility if we want to stay in a village for more days.

Get out of the most tourist areas

Surely your trip starts in Bangkok tour and you plan to fly to one of the paradisiacal beaches of the south. However, there is a less famous Thailand inside that hides such beautiful places as Mae Sot, a town on the border with Myanmar that will steal your heart. In the north, there are towns like Pai or Chiang Mai that deserve to be dedicated for a few days.

Try to match the full moon

You may have heard of the full moon party, one of the craziest parties on the beach of KO Pha-ngan, before or after the full moon. Thailand Tour Packages are not referring to this, but the full moon party without a beach that is celebrated in many places, because Buddhism is the majority religion of the country. We live in Sukhothai, and it was like being in the popular festivals of the town, with stalls of delicious street food, musical performances, and varied attractions. It is a night of total immersion in Thai culture!

Includes a waterproof bag

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Whether you are going to visit the beaches of Thailand or not, a small waterproof bag is never too much in your luggage. It occupies very little and you will be able to keep your belongings safe and dry in case of unforeseen rains, on boats to the islands or when visiting a waterfall.

Includes amphibious footwear

The flip flops are very good and stick with the holiday image we have of Thailand, but the truth is that if you are going to walk a long time and visit temples, it is better to bring in your luggage a more closed footwear, to protect the foot of the irregularities of the terrain (yes, there are sidewalks that give pain) as to avoid pricking or nailing something. The footwear occupies a good space of your backpack, so it is better to choose polyvalent footwear and to be able to be amphibious (or water-friendly) so that it is an all in one and forget you


Try the street food

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Finding where to eat in Thailand Holiday ¬†will not be complicated since any city or town has its street food stalls with plastic stools. In some cases to qualify them as “stalls” is to come up, because they are nothing more than a cart with a wok. However, we are aware that Thai street food may not look too good on you or that your stomach does not tolerate it well.

Drink bottled water

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It is one of the most classic tips for traveling to Southeast Asia: avoid drinking water that is not sealed and above all, ask for ice in the drink, because of the risk that the cubes have been prepared with 100% non-potable water.

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