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Paris is always crowded with people, be it tourists or localites. Living there permanently is extremely expensive for a person belonging to the middle-class family. But soaking in the goodness that this city has to offer is everybody's piece of cake. So, if you are planning a trip to Paris, and opting for Paris packages, it is necessary to circle down the main attractions that you want to visit to get the whole Paris vibes. 

Research about the museums, historical places, forts, restaurants, local fests, markets, shopping heaven etc. beforehand. Make dinner reservations well in advance. Since its always crowded and very difficult to find a table on the spot. French destinations have a vast number of attractions, yet Paris stands how. Find out how with things to do in Paris.

August is that time of the year where every European is holidaying in some part of the world. You can call it the European tradition to be doing so. Therefore, August is the best time to visit Paris. The city will be less crowded than usual. This way, you can find the best of this city.

A famous and a must visit spot offered by Paris tourism is the huge Disneyland theme park. Adults, children and people in any age group thoroughly enjoy it here. This theme park is a massive hit with tourists. With thrilling rides such as the roller coaster ride, the theme based restaurants and the fun parades that happen every day are its main attractions. The place is located about 20 miles outside the city area. The closest station is Marne-la-Vallee-Chessy, served by Eurostar trains. Direct shuttle buses are also available from the airport. 

There are plenty of hotels near the theme park site. Luxurious as well budget-friendly hotels can be chosen according to preferences. There’s s a Disney’s Sequoia Lodge, which is recommended for stay during the winter months. If you want your Paris holiday packages to be cost-effective, always opt for hotels that are easy on your pockets. The hotels don't matter as long as you do not care about having an extremely lavish stay.





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