Terms and condition

1. Acceptance of the conditions:
This document establishes the General Conditions of Use of the services provided through the travel agency oiotravel.com, reserving this company the right to modify and update them periodically, without obligation of prior communication to users. The present conditions of use do not exclude the possibility that certain services provided through this website, due to their particular characteristics, are subject to their specific conditions of use.
The users who contract services through the website of www.oiotravel.com declare to be of legal age (18 years old). In the case of contracting by minors, the authorization of the parents or guardians is required to enjoy the contracted service. In case of doubt, contact our customer service: info@ oiotravel.com

2. Description of the service:
Through the website www.oiotravel.com, users are offered access to various information about travel and tourism services, also making it possible to contract on-line some of the services offered therein. The user can formalize reservations and hire on-line flights, accommodations and package travel, as well as other services, provided by oiotravel. The information related to these services, although the technical organization of the same and formalization of reservations will be carried out by the wholesale agencies, airlines, and, in general, the borrowers of the services that correspond, limiting the liability of oiotravel to the obligations that are legally attributed to him, in his capacity as a travel retail agency.

3. Obligations of the user:
The user undertakes to make an appropriate use of the services and contents offered by Oiotravel and not to use them to: Carry out illicit activities or activities constituting a crime, contrary to good faith, morals and public order, to the uses, and / or that it infringes the regulation on intellectual and industrial property. Disseminate content or propaganda of a racist, xenophobic, pornographic, apology of terrorism, or that violates human rights.
Introduce or disseminate on the network data programs (viruses and harmful software) liable to cause damage to the computer systems of www.oiotravel.com, its suppliers or third users of the internet network. Transmit to unauthorized third parties user names and passwords, and if your passwords come to the knowledge of an unauthorized user, you agree to immediately inform oiotravel, which reserves the right to modify for the protection of the service.
Make available to other users, send by email or in any way transmit, any content that, in accordance with the applicable provisions or existing contractual relationships, You are not authorized to transmit (such as inside information, information protected by copyright) industrial or intellectual property or information on which you have a duty of confidentiality.

4. Limitation of liability:
Certain information included in the website of www.oiotravel.com, has been provided by the borrowers of the services offered on the aforementioned website. Oiotravel is not responsible for the accuracy of the content or errata that may arise from such information.
Within the website links (links) can be made to other websites concerning which oiotravel has no control and whose content is not responsible. Likewise, oiotravel will not be responsible for the technical availability of the web pages to which the user accesses through its website.
The user assumes under his/her own responsibility the damages or damages that, in his case, could derive from the access to said contents, as well as of any other damage or damage caused to his computer system by any material downloaded or in any way obtained through the use of the services or for any loss of data derived from downloading said material. Likewise, oiotravel shall not be liable for damages or losses arising from the infractions of any user that affect the rights of another user, or third parties, including copyright, trademarks, patents, confidential information, and any other intellectual property right.

Copyright protects all of the company's terms and conditions. By any means, no one has the right to use these terms for their own purposes. In addition, none of these usage terms are meant to be interpreted in any way—they are simply for your convenience. The India law of tour and travel administrative department has granted permission for all of the aforementioned declared and attested terms of use.

As these terms and conditions for tour booking in relation to COVID 19 pandemic but still it shall apply to similar situations giving rise to an abrupt stoppage of the tour booked:
1. If due to pandemic the tour cannot be availed altogether then our liability will be limited to refund of tour money after deducting 10% of the tour costs and amount spent towards the booked services which is held up with service providers. Once the tour commences there shall be no refund.
2. We will not be obligated to reimburse service providers like DMC, hotels, or airlines for any unpaid fees. unless we receive a cash refund in our bank account.
3. If you find yourself stranded as a result of an abrupt suspension of service imposed by law enforcement at your destination or transit locations, you are required to take all necessary precautions during the trip, including paying for your repatriation. In the event that the tour is impacted by a pandemic, there is no guarantee of any kind of financial or physical support.

4. Each nation may have its own set of travel requirements, such as the procedures to be followed at ports prior to arrival or departure, rules for medical examinations, and so on. If these procedures hinder the smooth running of tours, the company will not be held accountable.

5. A copy of these "Procedures for international tourists arriving in Dubai" is provided for your reference; however, you are responsible for staying up to date on the most recent information regarding your destination by visiting the respective country's official government websites. TOUR CONDITIONSYou must strictly adhere to the tour program and the terms and conditions of the various contractors and third-party vendors, including hotels, airlines, cruise lines, and insurance, among others.

In addition, you are expected to arrive on time and adhere to the tour's schedule. If you are late, you may miss your flight, coach, meal, etc., for which you cannot claim compensation from our company.

You are aware that you are traveling with the group, and you must not act in a way that irritates or disturbs other tour participants. You run the risk of being asked to leave the group if you behave in an indecent and rowdy manner.

It is understood that unutilized services will not be reimbursed or refunded in any way, regardless of whether they were compelled by ill health, bad weather, or any other circumstance.